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Sacred over Serious: The Basic Experience

  • Shen Healing Center 522 Wilcox Street Castle Rock, CO, 80104 United States (map)

6:00–9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays

Are you READY to…

-LIVE from the HEART and NOT the BRAIN?

-INCREASE your BOLDNESS and SELF-EXPRESSION like never before?


-EMBRACE irreverent JOY and LAUGHTER?

Sacred Over Serious 4 Week Experience
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Learn techniques and play improvisational games to move from the “Serious” place of self-expression to a “Sacred” place of “heart” felt expression, allowing you to be playfully creative and bold in your endeavors. (Going from head to heart and maybe shaking some booty)

Develop your own spiritual practices to reconnect with your powerful “knowing”, so you can be grounded as you “break out” in life. (You can even drop some “F” bombs if need.  Make connections with others who want to fully embrace joyful and bold living so that you can be supported as you take on new adventures in your continued unfoldment.


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Experience Overview:

WEEK 1: ‘N Sync’ – It’s not just a boy band…

  • Setting up a space to listen and be present with each other
  • Exploring the importance of Joy on our paths

WEEK 2: Martinis and Mantras

  • Occupying, defining and refining your personal space
  • Embracing your “unique” energy without judgment

WEEK 3: Asses of Enlightenment (How not to be one…)

  • Letting go of assumptions and attachments that hold you and others back
  • Accepting life’s gifts with grace and gratitude

WEEK 4: Expose and Ignite Yourself!

  • Getting comfortable with “showing” yourself to others
  • Understanding the impact that your authentic, joyful “exposure” has on the world
Sacred Over Serious 4 Week Experience
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